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When we go to a social media or news website there is usually a limited amount of current news articles that are not appealing to all our senses and the creative side of our brains. I have recently launched a new magazine site titled and it is more than a blog site or website. I am offering a variety category of news and artistic content that appeals to all our creative minds. I also have made it upbeat, informational, knowledgeable and lastly promoting and representing everyone around this magnificent world. My tags are KeepingUInformed,BridgingTheGap, and NewsJustIn.

I can sit here and describe to you all that it encompasses but more than anything it is a place to reset your focus, take some time to yourself and listen to a lovely piece of classical music ( or music from other genres)  or read a small post of poetry with true meaning. Everything I write has a bit of truth in it. I believe as true writers that is our treasure and originality that touches and speaks to others. We do have to be willing to talk and write about the truth.

At this magazine site, I also want to promote other people’s stories. I have a flare for titles, pictures, and writing content that I present to you objectively. There are categories like global issues, the election 2016, news just in, technology etc…where I try to bring an objective view to everything I write. This magazine is a new idea and it really developed over a period of time where I as an individual wanted to touch, explore, appeal to other artists, writers, authors, entertainers and especially readers around the world to have an enjoyable experience and regenerate their energy in a moment of more clarity and peace. I wanted to streamline the access of information and really touch or energize a different part of your brain.

There are those very reputable newspapers like the New York Times that offer an enormous amount of content but doesn’t necessarily touch the ethereal, whimsical, and artistic side that every human being possesses. This is my way of introducing something new and refreshing and I hope that as this journey and magazine grows I can really start to bridge the gap in our current day society. I want to bring people together to look at a person, just as another human being, not thinking, labeling, or judging the person that stands in front of you.

I welcome everybody who wants to read at and I do try to make it a pleasant and memorable experience. I wish you a wonderful day.

My tags are KeepingUInformed BridgingTheGap NewsJustIn NatsWritingsMind BuildingConfidence © Natalie Keshing